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Ken Byars: The Hope within the Outreach

By Diana Barry “When you invest time in someone’s life, you are telling the person they are important” Ken Byars has a drive for making youth feel, loved and important. He spends his time volunteering [...]

Kristin Schilkie: Creating a Safe Place

By Diana Barry Finding joy in helping others live a successful life is one of the many reasons that Kristin Schilkie is motivated with her work at the Ottawa Mission. Kristin is a frontline worker [...]

Ibrahim Musa: Cuts for Kids Founder and Ottawa Community Housing Ambassador

Ibrahim Musa is a busy nineteen year old – he runs a non-profit organization, the Cuts For Kids Foundation, which he created, works with City Council through his role on the Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee, [...]

Joey Clavette: Amplifying the voices of marginalized writers

By Janet Allingham RN Why would a young university student give up a semester of school? In the case of Joey Clavette, the reason was altruistic. Joey decided he wanted to found a newspaper that [...]

Terrie Meehan: Barriers only exist if we let them exist

Photo by Dr Peter Stockdale Terrie loves chocolate and her service dog, who spends most of his time snuggling up against her shoulder. She takes the bus to get to her doctor's appointment [...]