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Natalie Potvin: Finding the Joy in Other’s Success

By Diana Barry Natalie Potvin works within Ottawa Mission to help individuals gain access to safe and affordable housing. Natalie’s happiness comes from finding safe environments for her clients to grow in. Growing up in [...]

Stefan Keyes: CTV News Ottawa Anchor and Ottawa Community Housing Ambassador

Stefan Keyes grew up in Ottawa Community Housing, where he says may of his best memories and his closest friends come from. He was raised to respect and understand value of hard work, perseverance, and [...]

Shea Kiely: Building community, from breakfast to haircuts

By Janet Allingham RN When you ask Shea Kiely about the importance of having a place to call "home" she offers a concise answer: "Prevention is better than cure." This says a lot about the [...]

Ken Byars: The Hope within the Outreach

By Diana Barry “When you invest time in someone’s life, you are telling the person they are important” Ken Byars has a drive for making youth feel, loved and important. He spends his time volunteering [...]

Kristin Schilkie: Creating a Safe Place

By Diana Barry Finding joy in helping others live a successful life is one of the many reasons that Kristin Schilkie is motivated with her work at the Ottawa Mission. Kristin is a frontline worker [...]