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Alliance to End Homelessness: Call for Committee Members / Volunteers

how to help 2x@2xYou’re invited! Volunteers are welcome to apply to serve on various Alliance to End Homelessness (Alliance) Ottawa Standing Committees.  Membership on a committee enables you to use your expertise and experience to help guide Alliance activities, while also offering the opportunity to network with other Alliance members and supporters.

We are looking for those who have an interest and experience in areas related to the mandates of four committees, as follows:

  • Communications, Outreach and Cultivation Committee: The focus of this group is to help in the creation and delivery of messages to external audiences. Effective media relations, journalism, social media and design skills are of significant interest.
  • Membership Development Committee: The focus of this group is to assist in developing and executing strategies oriented to growing and sustaining our membership.
  • Policy and Political Analysis Committee: The focus of this group is to serve as an advisory to the Board in monitoring, scanning and undertaking research on public policy related to housing and solutions to homelessness. The group assists in development of public policy recommendations for the Board’s consideration.
  • Research Committee: The focus of this group is to connect the work of the Alliance and its member organizations to the broad research community, to advance our shared vision. The committee provides oversight on all of the research projects undertaken and underway, assisting in the transfer of knowledge on the causes of homelessness and on effective interventions. The group monitors local research priorities and facilitates, monitors, and supports high impact research undertaken by the Alliance.

How to Apply: If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Committee Member Volunteer application form at the link below, to be submitted electronically. Additional information can be obtained by emailing info@endhomelessnessottawa.ca

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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Alliance to End Homelessness! For any questions, or to find more ways to get involved, pleased contact the ATEH office.