Would you like to partner with young people and other community voices here in Ottawa to prevent and end youth homelessness in Ottawa? As we prepare for key events on September 27, A Way Home Ottawa invites your involvement; we need you!  
A Way Home Ottawa is a youth-driven, local coalition convened by the Alliance – and involving many Alliance member and partner agencies – working to prevent and end youth homelessness in Ottawa. 
The coalition is developing an integrated community strategy aimed at better responding to youth who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. And, following months of consultations – speaking with over 70 youth with lived experience, and over 50 adult allies serving youth – A Way Home Ottawa will share its findings, and identify the community’s priorities that lie ahead.
This is all happening on September 27, at a community-wide barbecue on the grounds of City Hall. We need you to help make this happen! 
What’s more? On the same day, Joe Roberts takes the Push for Change to Ottawa. The Push for Change is a walk across Canada to support the end of youth homelessness. Having begun in St. John’s on May 1, and ending in Vancouver 517 days later, Joe is pushing a cart across Canada to share the message that we can end youth homelessness. As of today, day 104, Joe has walked over 2000 km – with “just” over 7000 to go. On September 27, Joe takes his campaign and inspiring message to Ottawa, and to our community barbecue. You can read and view more about the campaign here: http://www.thepushforchange.com/news-coverage/
What do we need? 
We need your help to make September 27 a day we’ll remember – a day our community comes together to commit ourselves to ending youth homelessness. Specifically, we need assistance with: 
  • event logistics 
  • running the barbecue (grilling, food preparation / service)
  • promoting the event and A Way Home Ottawa (writers, website support, flyer prep) 
  • food contributions / sponsorships
  • idea generators 
Want to be volunteer? Interested in sponsoring the event?
Please contact the Alliance, noting how you’d like to support this event / initiative: 
Together, we can prevent and end youth homelessness!
Image: Flat Pack Festival