Broadening the Base (BtB) is a community-centered, collaborative and inclusive Ottawa initiative with the goal of catalyzing and leveraging land, property, philanthropic and development resources to support the building of 1,500 new affordable housing units over the next five years; to provide sustainable, long term and affordable accommodation for key vulnerable populations including: individuals who are chronically homeless; low income families with young children; youth at risk; Aboriginal people, and; vulnerable seniors. You can find additional information in our Initiative Overview, by clicking here (pdf).

BtB is based on a community engagement and design process. Through 2014 and into early this year, BtB involved extensive consultations with community organizations, and received strong support to move to the next stage. Thus, through 2015 and into early 2016, BtB will move into a Design Phase to determine how key affordable housing support pillars including: a Land Trust, new Partnership Housing Models, a Philanthropic Campaign and a Social Impact Fund could most effectively become a base of accelerated affordable housing efforts in Ottawa.


News Release

June 26, 2015 – Ottawa, ON – Broadening the Base introduces goal of 1500 more affordable units in Ottawa by 2020 (click here to read the release)

Announcing the five Design Circles

An Information Session took place on Thursday May 7, where details on the Design Phase — including introduction to the co-conveners of each of the five Design Circles – were announced.

You can access the Presentation from that Session by clicking on this link. To join a Design Circle, or for further information, contact Mike (click to contact).