June 26, 2015 – Ottawa, ON – The local inclusive grassroots housing movement Broadening the Base (BtB) introduced its goal of 1500 more affordable units in Ottawa by 2020 today at an event at City Hall.

“This is an ambitious goal that would enable our community to leverage contributions by the City and other government partners to create even more affordable housing,” says Mike Bulthuis, Executive Director of the Alliance to End Homelessness and one of the champions of Broadening the Base. “As we saw in our latest Progress Report on Ending Homelessness, longer shelter stays and long waits for affordable housing demonstrate that the need is there.”

Broadening the Base is a community-driven initiative whose goal is to provide sustainable, long-term and affordable accommodation for key vulnerable populations in the area. BtB is founded on the principle of community engagement with extensive consultations already done, and many more planned along the way.

“We need to understand that this issue impacts us all and we can all be part of the solution,” added business leader and community advocate Chris Henderson. “We need the community to help us come up with innovative ideas and that’s the goal of our five design circles.”

The five design circles include Affordable Housing Development Models & Partnerships, Land Assembly Strategies & Potential Land Trust Establishment, Philanthropy Assessment & Mechanisms, Social Impact Investment and Communications & Community Engagement. Each circle is being convened by two prominent community leaders.

The initiative has been endorsed by more than 25 community organizations including the Community Foundation of Ottawa, United Way Ottawa, numerous community health centres and faith communities. It also has received attention from the Government of Ontario and the City of Ottawa.

More information on the initiative or how citizens can get involved can be found by clicking here.

For more information, please contact :

Mike Bulthuis
Eric Collard