Thank you to all our Ask Me Ottawa volunteers:

Erin Dej, Chair

Erin received her PhD at the University of Ottawa researching and teaching about mental health, homelessness, and justice issues. She is active in Ottawa’s homelessness community, and sits on the Communications Committee for the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa. She is also an instructor at Carleton University.

Lee Pepper, Co-ordinator

Michelle Addesa, Interviewer

Micaal Ahmed, Interviewer

Micaal Ahmed is a second-year student at Carleton University, double majoring in Journalism and Political Science along with a minor in American Sign Language. He has always been interested in talking to anyone and everyone, and telling other people’s stories. This, along with the desire to make some difference, any difference, in people’s lives, is why he chose journalism and what drew him to the Ask Me Campaign.

 Julia Anderson, Interviewer

Julia Anderson is a first year Journalism student at Carleton University. Being a part of the Ask Me Campaign gives her the opportunity to write meaningful articles about those whose stories and voices deserve to be heard. Julia also writes for The Charlatan, Carleton University’s campus newspaper, and hopes to pursue a career in writing in the future.

Diana Barry, Interviewer

 Sarina Bhaiwala, Interviewer

Sarina Bhaiwala is a second-year Journalism and Human Rights student at Carleton University with a passion for social justice issues and storytelling. She is thrilled to start working with the Ask Me Campaign to aid in de-mystifying the stigma surrounding homelessness. When not cooped up in a coffee shop studying, Sarina can usually be found laughing with friends, volunteering, surfing Spotify, or watching the news.

Roxane Bujold, Interviewer

 Matt Gergyek, Interviewer

Matt Gergyek is a first year Journalism student at Carleton University. From a small town just outside of Hamilton called Waterdown, Matt loves meeting new people, photography, snowboarding and of course, writing. Matt has a passion for social justice, and is excited to help make a change for Ottawa’s homeless.

Hunza Chaudary, Interviewer

Hunza Chaudhary is a first year journalism at Carleton University. She is an avid lover of books, pizza and Netflix. Her ultimate dream is to become a journalist and make a positive change in the world, make her parents proud and bring happiness to the people around her. She wants to be able to help change the lives of as many people as she can and hopefully someday write a cool dystopian novel as well.

Yujing Guo, Interviewer

Yujing Guo is a first year Journalism student at Carleton University. Her passion is to hear people’s stories about the amazing things they were doing and to spread these stories to let more people know, especially for the Ask Me Campaign. She hopes her involvement can help the homeless.

Makayla Peacock, Interviewer

​Makayla Peacock is a third year Journalism student at Carleton University. She is originally from Saint John, NB,  but moved to Ottawa for bigger and better things. She loves to read and write, which she had had the pleasure of doing throughout her years in university. In addition to writing for the Ask Me Campaign, she also writes for HerCampus, which is an online magazine for the women of Carleton University.

Andrea Tingey, Interviewer

Andrea Tingey is a third year Journalism student at Carleton University and London, Ontario native. When she isn’t working on stories or volunteering in her community, you can find her sewing or travelling (and blogging about it!).