ABOUT: Our Board Members

The Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa (ATEH) is 
an incorporated non-profit organization with 
a Board of Directors.

ATEH Board of Directors, 2016-2017


Christine MacIntosh, Chair
Lisa Ker, Vice-Chair
Tim Simboli, Treasurer
Mike Coe, Secretary
Etienne Grandmaitre Saint-Pierre
Marc Provost



Jennifer Crawford
Deirdre Freiheit
Sue Garvey
Louis Lefebvre
Wanda MacDonald
Terrie Meehan
Wendy Muckle
Judy Perley
Larissa Silver
Dale Spencer
Trudy Sutton
Peter Tilley

Ex-Officio Board Members

City of Ottawa

United Way Ottawa

Honourary Board Members

Tim Aubry
Connie Woloschuk

Executive Director

Mike Bulthuis