ABOUT: Mission and Vision

The Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa (ATEH) is a member driven coalition of community service providers that work in partnership to inspire action, to generate knowledge and to inform a community-wide effort to achieve an end to homelessness in Ottawa.

VISION: An inclusive community where everyone has an affordable, appropriate home.

MISSION: To be a leader in the local movement to prevent and end homelessness in Ottawa.


We Inspire, seeking the following outcomes:

  • A connected, broad-based movement to prevent and end homelessness
  • A civic culture infused with the recognition that – in working together – we can succeed
  • ATEH is known as a community leader and strategic, valued collaborator

We Learn, seeking the following outcomes:

  • A community that together generates and shares knowledge
  • Information on community progress + challenges is available to all
  • Utilization of ATEH-compiled or referenced knowledge in decision-making.

We Inform, seeking the following outcomes:

  • ATEH is a strong, provocative policy-focused voice for the community
  • ATEH is known as a connector, a space of joined-up activity
  • An informed community, equipped with evidence of solutions and of what works


2016-17 Annual Report

2016-17 Financial Statements

2015-16 Annual Report  

2015-16 Financial Statements

2014-15 Annual Report

2014-15 Financial Statements


The Alliance’s Progress Report on Ending Homelessness in Ottawa (since 2004).
The Alliances’s Annual Community Forum on Ending Homelessness. Inaugurated in 2004, over 250 community members attend every year.


An end to homelessness means quickly helping individuals and family members with emergency shelter when they first become homeless, then assisting them in finding appropriate housing. It also means assisting those who do have housing but are living “at risk” of losing it. It involves creating new affordable housing. Essential too is providing ongoing supports that some people will require to succeed in living in the community. Other people will require shorter-term supports to help in establishing a home or in accessing services like health care, home care, counseling and employment assistance.

To achieve all of this also requires an effective, focused and clear voice on ending homelessness – like the Alliance’s.


The Alliance’s Progress Report on Ending Homelessness in Ottawa (formerly the Report Card) was created to provide the Ottawa community with accurate information and statistics that measure to what extent there is progress towards ending homelessness each year. In 2009 a targeted approach was developed to ensure progress was monitored in at least four areas: Homelessness (emergency shelter use), Length of Stay (in an emergency shelter), Affordable Housing and Housing Affordability.


We know what to do... Now let's make it happen.