2013 Alliance Community Forum (November 26, 2013)

View the program in its entirety here. In addition to a keynote by Michael Shapcott, over 15 researchers presented in the 2013 Research Round-up. Presentations are available below.

 | Size: 218 KB Adamo, Abra: "Ending Homelessness? A Comparative Study of Homelessness Action Plans in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver"  | Size: 585 KB Butera, Johny-Angel: "Home Takeovers of Vulnerable Tenants"  | Size: 115 KB Cherner, Rebecca: "Six-month outcomes of the Ottawa Supportive Housing for People with Problematic Substance Use Program"  | Size: 181 KB Ecker, John: "Individual, Housing, a nd Neighbourhood Level Predictors of Community Integration Among Vulnerably Housed and Homeless Individuals"  | Size: 218 KB Falvo, Nick: "Emerging themes in Canadian homelessness policy"  | Size: 370 KB Jette, Jonathan: "Effectiveness of a Housing First Program Delivered in a Rural Region of New Brunswick"  | Size: 791 KB Muckle, Jamie: "An Evaluation of Ottawa`s Managed Alcohol Programs"  | Size: 262 KB Pettey, Donna: "Up in Smoke: Tobacco Use & Smoking Behaviours in Individuals with Severe Mental Illness who are Homeless or Vulnerably Housed"  | Size: 787 KB Pomeroy, Steve: "Pragmatism and Political Expediency: Housing Policy in Canada under the Harper Regime"  | Size: 555 KB Rae, Jennifer: "Evaluation of the Report Card on Ending Homelessness in Ottawa"  | Size: 433 KB Rattelade, Stephanie: "Closing the Gap: An implementation evaluation of the youth in transition program"  | Size: 229 KB Roebuck, Benjamin: "'I have a voice’: How young people who are homeless in Ottawa are overcoming adversity"  | Size: 9 MB Shapcott, Michael (Keynote 2013)  | Size: 182 KB Sylvestre, John: "Update on the Families First Study"  | Size: 275 KB Vayalumkal, Claire: "Executive Dysfunction in Chronically & Formerly Homeless Adults in Ottawa"  | Size: 203 KB Volk, Jennifer: "At Home/Chez-Soi: Supporting Individuals with Additional Needs"
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